First American Investment, Inc. Medical Systems

About us

Our Corporation was founded in 1999 in the USA, with the headquarter in the State of Oregon and further branches in several parts of the country.

During the first years our corporation was mainly active in the field of investment- and business consultancy. Since several years we are focused on the medical sector, here we develop successful concepts with the objective to realize new projects, establish new products at the market and merchandise them successfully.

Furthermore we assist companies from outside USA to establish branches in the USA and to launch their products and services safely and affordable at the US-market.
Outside USA our operating area is Europe, Brazil, Africa as well as several Arabian regions. Solidified by regularly tight connections to economy and government of these states, we can offer top conditions that our purchasers profit from a lot.

Our employees and partners consist of branch experts with a lot of experience at the international environment.
To realize projects in Europe effective and successful, we tightly co-operate with a partner-company in Germany.
Hereby a rapid access to the European market is enabled, as well as highest competence and reliability at the realization of our clients interests is offered by our partners.
Our company is focused at customers with small and medium enterprises from the health care sector, that we can offer a great potential of success by our concept at the new opened markets.

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