First American Investment, Inc. Medical Systems

Our Team…… 

Our management is composed of experts from various nationalities, these are commercial experts and lawyers from USA, Germany, South Africa etc.

Also in the medical sector we have partners in several countries we are active in, these are among others doctors, health experts with wide-ranging and long experience.

For the establishment of companies, branches, marketing-offices and the launch of your new products at the countries frequented by us, we can offer you, beside the economically experience, also the co-operation with outstanding experts.

 For the most important factor of success, the marketing of your products, high-qualified experts are working for us. Especially here absolute extensive experience at the establishment of marketing-organizations, most notably at the medical sector, is existing.

A certainly successful concept can be established here, under guarantee for your requirements.

With many assistants and partners in Europe, especially in Germany and the other countries like Africa, Brazil, etc. we co-operate for a long time already. Here we can guarantee absolute reliable and demanding achievements for our clients.