First American Investment, Inc. Medical Systems

Branch office, Company foundation ….

Establishment and administration of your branch, corporation in the USA

Since many years we offer establishment and administration of US-Corporations in the USA for foreign business partners and companies. Beside a representative company headquarters we offer the corporations with all legal, fiscal and financial advantages to you. The company headquarters can be established in states and cities according to the purpose of the enterprise. We offer you a complete concept of services for your scheduled branch in the USA. Here you got the chance to establish your market presence with our help, by very affordable investments.

The complete configuration for your launch into the USA-market of course also belongs to a comprehensive program. For the disposal of your products, we offer you a complete concept for marketing and a direct connection with the necessary trading partners.

At a comprehensive consulting, we will give you all essential advance information, so that you can settle for the best concept.

Establishment and administration of your branch in Europe, Germany etc.

For companies from USA and other countries that want to offer their products step by step on the German or European market, we will found a branch at our German and European partner. As an option to this we provide you the complete marketing and administration service in Germany and Europe, to represent your business interests. This absolute effective and affordable method allows US-companies to access in Europe by little and little. With our capability of service, you can appear like you would already be completely established at the European market.

Here we also present you a comprehensive proposal and consult you about all specific details of such a step.